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Mandalay Hospital

City Hospital Engineering Design Solution

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City hospital started at first with an Outpatient specialist clinic, called ‘Nyein Special clinic and diagnostic centre’ in 19th May 1999. The goal of the clinic is to provide a high standard health care service using of computerized laboratory and comprehensive imaging facilities along with emergency care.
In 20th June 2000, the diagnostic centre was upgraded to run inpatient facilities becoming a 125-bedded hospital.
The hospital was equipped with advanced laboratory, diagnostic imaging and haemodialysis machinery and with a conductive environment for both staff and patients.
City hospital got ISO 2008 certificate in January 2013 and the service was extended to incorporate 300 beds, advanced cardiac life support measures and PET-CT in June 2013.

We provide the OT room, hall, nursery engineering design solution for hospital.

The engineering design solution project 360° effect diagram, please click below to view.

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