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Promotion Commissioner (MDD)

Post duties:
1, through the planning of the industry strategy, improve the industry SOM;
2, through the formulation of the compilation of the industry handbook and the application of DB library to improve the operating efficiency;
3, cooperate with the business to promote the application and sales of the products in the industry.
1, 3-5 years of printing and packaging industry experience in market work, familiar with related technology, market knowledge is preferred;
2, 1-2 years experience in industrial automation engineer;
3, open and bright character, have business quality, team work spirit, dare to challenge;
4, minimum education: undergraduate.
Salary and welfare:
1, wage structure: basic wage + performance wage plus bonus
2, working time: work five days a week, work 8 hours a day at 8:00 - 12:00, 13:30-17:00
3, social insurance: the company buys social insurance for all employees
4, other benefits: annual vacation, legal holiday, traditional holiday welfare
5, year-end bonus: year-end bonus according to the company's operation