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Human Factors Engineering: Intelligent Rehabilitation Indust

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What is human factor?

With the progress of science and technology civilization and the rapid development of industrialization information, human factors engineering has drawn more and more attention. Based on multidisciplinary research methods and techniques such as computer science, anthropometry, physiology, psychology and cognitive science, it focuses on the interrelationships and influences between people, machines and their working environments, and makes the design of machines and systems Suitable for human physiology, psychology and other characteristics, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving system performance and ensuring human safety, health and comfort.

Human factors engineering application

Since the birth of human engineering, it has been highly regarded by developed countries such as the United States, Europe and Japan and has achieved great results in the all-digital design of Boeing aircraft, the restoration of the Hubble telescope, and the innovation of medical equipment design. effect. In the past 20 years, with the support of the national manned space project, 863,973 plan and equipment manufacturing special project, a great number of original theories and technical achievements have been made in the research and application of engineering in our country. In order to promote the level of human engineering technology And the level of understanding laid the foundation.

Human factors engineering and rehabilitation equipment

As the largest population in the world, China has made major policy decisions in the 13th Five-Year Plan to promote the rapid development of China's medical equipment industry. Driven by scientific and technological innovations in the field of healthcare, the reform of the medical service supply side has shown more and more strong momentum. The mode of medical service service has been accelerated by the mode of "medical service for disease" to "medical service for health", and the strategic focus of medical appliance technology development has been gradually From the hospital clinic to the pre-hospital family health management, hospital resource sharing and hospital continuity of service extension and extension for the patient's all-round, full life cycle of new medical device innovation and technology conversion system into a global medical technology innovation Hot spots.
However, as an integral part of the modern medicine "prevention, clinical treatment and rehabilitation", rehabilitation medicine is still in the stage of popularization of institutional users in the country and has not yet formed a unified and standardized industry standard. The industrial structure has not yet formed. The middle and high- Monopoly, domestic manufacturers only in the low-end market has a certain market share. Rehabilitation medical equipment design innovation must take full account of personnel, technology, environment, tasks and organizations and many other human factors. Need to get human data support and scientific quantitative management. In the face of challenges, how to ensure the safe and reliable clinical application of rehab medical equipment has not only become a serious test battle for medical institutions and clinical engineering departments, but also a major challenge to product design innovation.
Therefore, we must use effective scientific means-human factors engineering to guide the research and development and design of the "people-oriented" rehabilitation medical devices with usability, satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness, reliability and reliability. Promote human factor engineering in the rehabilitation of medical devices, improve equipment ease of use, enhance the user experience of the rehabilitation of medical device products. At the same time, with the innovative measures of human factors engineering, we can also shorten the product development cycle, improve product life cycle, simplify product training and after sales support, and effectively reduce legal risks.

Human Factors Engineering and Rehabilitation Equipment Development Forum

National policy has provided a great opportunity and a stage for human factors engineering to promote the development of rehabilitation medical equipment. Human factors engineering disciplines, design methods and technologies will play an important role in promoting the development of rehabilitation medical equipment. The theme of this forum is "Human Factors Engineering and Rehabilitation Equipment Development". The forum focuses on the field of human factors engineering, rehabilitation medicine, innovative design and safety regulations to discuss the application prospects of human factors engineering in rehabilitation medicine equipment. Boost the Innovative Development of Rehabilitation Medicine Engineering in China.
Based on the 2017 China Rehabilitation and Family Medical Supplies Expo and the field of radiation rehabilitation industry, the forum will promote and deepen the academic exchange and cooperation between human factors engineering and rehabilitation industry experts and scholars in China, and provide a platform for government, academia and healthcare enterprise representatives It provides a platform for high-level dialogues for traders to promote innovation in the healthcare industry and how to promote the transformation and industrialization of scientific research achievements in engineering basic sciences, and to promote human factors engineering in major institutions, scientific research institutions, rehabilitation medical equipment Development of basic research and application of the industry.

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