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Medical Door Series

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Wall-hanging Single Automatic Sliding Door     Wall-hanging Double Automatic Sliding Door

           Embedded Single Automatic Door                     Embedded Double Automatic Door

● Keep the same level with the wall, more beautiful, full of integral feeling.
● Using automatic turning lathe processing, having excellent sealing performance, it can prevent cross contamination and improve cleanliness. Airtight performance meets the national standards.
● Unique doorknob design.
● Indoor and outdoor sound insulation effect is good.
● Strong door body, quick open and close, to minimize the degree of air circulation, can prevent the cold air and dust enter and keep constant temperature and humidity.

               Single Automatic Swing Door                               Double Automatic Swing Door

● Lined with lead plate, it can cover x-rays and avoid the harmful rays reveal to bring hurt to human body.
● Using multiform package edge, and equipped with high strength and wearable sealing strip, can satisfy the clean requirement of the hospitals.
● Door can choose aluminum alloy frame environmental filling process, the aluminum honeycomb filling process and steel door; bottom can install down type seal brush.
● Precision production, from materials to manufacture craft and hardware accessories to ensure the quality of products and expand the products’ lifetime.
● We use high quality hardware fittings.
Product Name Model No Door Frame Size Reserved Keel Hole Size Finished Hole Size
Embedded Single Automatic Door KB-ZZM001 1480*2140*L 1450*2125*L1 1400*2100*L2
KB-ZZM002 1580*2140*L 1550*2125*L1 1500*2100*L2
Embedded Double Automatic Door KB-ZZM003 1480*2140*L 1450*2125*L1 1400*2100*L2
KB-ZZM004 1580*2140*L 1550*2125*L1 1500*2100*L2