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Operation Room


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• The structure is simple and compact, and the design is reasonable.
• Electric lifting can rotate in 340 degree range.
• The rotating position of each joint is braked by the brake, and the position of the tower is relaxed and locked according to the requirements of the medical staff.

Arms Pendant
Arms pendant is characterized by its ability to operate in a wide range.
Each joint can rotate 340 degrees, and each joint is equipped with brakes to prevent drift.
It can be easily moved to any area according to your needs, and is convenient to use.
Simple: the necessary medical gas, power supply, instrument platform, infusion pump rack, and network output terminal are concentrated on the platform function box.

Bridge Pendant
• Reasonable dry wet separation structure.
• Flexible transfusion frame with exible lifting in wet zone.
• Instrument platform for lifting and adjusting of wet and dry area conguration.
• Oxygen, air, attraction, power supply, network input terminal and infusion pump rack are allocated on the wet and dry area.

Movable Pendant Column