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Stainless Steel

Pass Box

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Brief Introduction
Pass box is one of the air purication equipment for clean OT or workshop , it is mainly used for goods transfer between clean areas, or clean areas and unclean areas thus to reduce the frequency of opening doors, further to lower the risks of cleanroom contamination. Equipped with certain functions can decontaminate or sterilize the passing items.
• Pass box work table is commonly made of stainless steel material, smooth, bright and clean.There are two kinds of outer box, one adopts full stainless steel, another use cold rolling plate, surface coating or paint processing.
• Two doors have mechanical interlock or electronic interlock equipment, to realize the interlocking of door and door, two doors can not be opened simultaneously, which acts as an airlock.
• According to the function, can also be customized as air shower pass box. It can blow automatically when put objects in the box, remove the dust on the goods.
• Pass box inner equips with uv germicidal lamp, having sterilization effect.

Remark: size can be customized.
Model No Inner Size (WxDxH) Outer Size (WxDxH)
KB-CD-300 300x300x300 mm 460x370x390 mm
KB-CD-400 400x400x400 mm 560x470x490 mm
KB-CD-500 500x500x500 mm 690x570x590 mm
KB-CD-600 600x600x600 mm 790x670x690 mm

Electronic InterlockPass Box Micro-Computer Control
Interlock Pass Box
Micro-Computer Control
Interlock Pass Box

• Box adopts 304 SS material.
• Double-layer tempered glass observation window design.
• Door plank is embedded installation, on the plane with whole box body.
• Micro-computer control, with lighting, blowing, unlock delay function.
• Inner wall is arc design, easy to clean.
• With H.14 high eciency lter, support DOP/PAO test.
• Optionally can install dierential gauge to check the state of lter clogging.
Pass Box Classification
According to lock: 1. Mechanical interlock pass box. 2.Electronic interlock pass box. 3. Micro-computer control pass box.
Types: 1. Normal pass box. 2. Clean(air shower, automatic clean) pass box.
  Corner Pass Box

Remark: accept OEM.
Types Inner Size (WxDxH) Outer Size (WxDxH)
Mechanical interlock pass box 600x600x600 mm 740x670x720 mm
Electronic interlock pass box 600x600x600 mm 790x670x720 mm
Automatic clean pass box 600x600x600 mm 790x670x1100 mm