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Air Equipment

Air Handing Unit

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Separate Air Handing Unit

● Nice appearance, various styles, small size, low noise, flexible use.
● Since it is divided into indoor and outdoor machines, the installation position of the indoor machine is flexible, and an outdoor machine can connect multiple indoor machines.
● The dimension of outdoor machine is not limited.
● The noise is very small, can be lower than 40-50db, the noise of big window type air conditioner is around 60dB.
● Not influencing indoor daylighting, the window will not vibrate along with air conditioner.
● Easy installation and maintenance.
● Economy, practical, durable.

Integrated Air Handing Unit

● High air flow, more powerful.
● Double filter, equipped with dual filtration unit, high grade indoor air cleanliness, ensure AHU room equipment is not affected by dust.
● High efficiency design, refrigeration system flow and the air duct system optimized design, making the refrigeration efficiency from level 5 to level 2 above.
● Fresh air and energy saving, when you start the new air energy, can greatly reduce energy consumption, and endure air conditioning system.
● Multiple protection functions to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Air-cooled Heat Pump Unit

● The combination of cold and heat source of air conditioning system is applicable to users with heating and cooling demand, which saves the boiler room.
● Outdoor installation of machine, it can save the freezing machine room and construction investment.
● The primary energy ratio of an air-cooled heat pump unit can achieve 90%, save energy consumption and reduce user cost.
● No cooling towers are required, and cooling pumps and pipelines are eliminated, and investment in additional equipment is reduced.