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Medical Gas

Secondary Pressure Reducer

• Pressure reducer box is mainly installed at entrance of each floor and connect with gas pipeline, having the function of on-off, testing and stabilizing pressure etc.
• Different gas, then entrance pressure is different, pressure reducer entrance pressure is 0-25Mpa, outlet pressure is 0-2.5Mpa.
• All adopt copper tube or stainless steel tube, wall thickness is 2mm, pipe diameter is 15mm.
• Shut-off valve adopts stainless steel ball valve, inner diameter is 15mm with good tightness.
• Shut-off valve, pressure reducer and copper joint parts, adopt silver welding processing, nice looking.
• The size of pressure reducer box is customized according to clients’ requires, standard configuration is 2 line gas box, the height of box is 80cm, wideness is 60cm.
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System Composition:
• Copper pipe or stainless steel pipe
• Shut-off ball valve
• Single header pressure reducer
• 304 Stainless steel plate welding box, Electrostatic spraying processing.