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Bed Head Unit

Medical Bed Head Unit

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As one professional Chinese manufacturer for medical bed head unit, we supply 12 different designs with different assemble structures.
Our bed head unit have following outstanding features:
Material is Standard No.6063 Alumium alloy, extrusion forming.
Comply with standard HTM2022, adopt design philosophy of electric separation and strong and weak electricity separation, 4 chambers inside, respectively used for installing gas pipes, strong electricity and weak electricity.
Adopt electrostatic powder painting surface finishing, multicolor for choice, different modules can be painted to different colors according to customer’s requirements.
Inside chambers volume is big enough for installing multi electrical equipment and gas outlet, including spotlight, reading light, socket, telephone or internet socket, electrical switch, medical gas outlet, nurse calling system, etc.
Material for lampshade is polyester transparent plastic, length can be customized, we have arc type and panel type for choice.
Head plates on either sides are injected of ABS engineering plastic, milk white color, screw fixation with bed head unit.
Electrical device is installed according to customers’ requirements, including power switch and sockets in British standard, French standard, American standard, Australian standard, Metric standard, etc.
Electrical device can be open installation and concealed installation. Open installation is installing all the electrical devices on the top of bed head unit panel. Concealed installation is installing all the electrical devices in the bed head unit, and make device surface is same level of bed head unit panel.
Panel and base adopt withhold type installation, easy disassembly, convenient for maintenance.
Bed head unit base can be installed on the wall with expansion screw, also can be hanged on the wall.
Reasonable design for inside structures, generous and beautiful appearance, length can be customized, can reach 6m at most.