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Nurse Call

Intelligent Nurse Call

• Basic function, nurse call function and two-way duplex intercom function.
• Voice announcements Chinese or English voice announcements when calling, music reminder is for optional.
• Information display: 3 methods display type as below.
  • Detailed information
  • Performance index
  • Reference drawing
  • Reference video

This product is independent researched, developed and manufactured by subsidiary, Shanghai Kingbell Electro Technology Co., Ltd., application widely in hospital, welfare house, etc.

Method 1: bed No. display
Method 2: display room No + related bed No.
Method 3: room No + bed No sequential display
When several intercom user machines calling in same time, master machine will display the current intercom machine No., if without intercom, master machine will display calling No. in turn every 3 seconds, and announcement voice prompt.
• Calling memory, the calling information haven’t been answered will be memory in master machine, and intermission reminder (voice announcements, and LED indicating) until reset.
• Changing number on line, user machine numbers can be changed with setting on master machine when power on, don’t need to change core plate.
• Nurse level, three status of special care, emergency care, normal care, set on any master machine, and different relation priority grades for these three status, emergency care is most priority, special care is second priority, lowest is ‘normal care’.
• Music/volume: This system has voice announcement and music reminder for optional, volume is adjustable.
• Wiring method: two-core wire no polarity wiring for master machine and user machine, corridor display panel, door alarm lamp, the bus system wiring way.
• Mater machine internet: one computer control the whole system, one signal collector can control 19 sets of master machine at most.
• Computer controlling: All the information like calling, reset and intercom will be record in data of computer, for user to check, statistics and print.
• Wireless device: can be connected to wireless paging device and SMS device, send the information to specified pagers or mobiles.
Malfunction self-inspection: malfunction self-inspection, including short circuit, user machine damaged, etc., and display related fault code.
• Max capacity: one master machine control 60 intercom user machines and 30 no intercom user machines.
• Online distance: ≤300 meters
• Working conditions: environment temperature 5-40℃, relative humidity ≤85%
• Mater machine : DC power supply 24V, power dissipation 0.5W
• User machine: Static power 0.02W, calling power 0.1W, intercom power 1W.
• Door alarm lamp: static power 0.02W, calling power 0.1W.
• Corridor display panel: power 10W