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Wireless Paging System

KB900 system is applicable to hotels, factories, hospitals etc.
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Wireless paging system is mainly composed of wireless paging master machine, wireless transmitter, antenna, pagers, and management software. According to user’s actual requests, we have the system with telephone paging function and without telephone paging function.  The master machine without telephone paging function is used for software paging, including manual paging and butt joint with other software for automatic paging. And the master machine with telephone paging function is mainly used for telephone automatic paging and software paging. Wireless transmitter is available for 0-25W adjustable, 50W and 100W type according to user’s requests.
High power transmitter can cover several hundreds of kilometers. Sometimes in order to avoid wireless radio wave disturbing the around device, multi micro power wireless transmitter cascading is necessary, to ensure information cover designated area.
Pagers display can be Chinese, English, Numbers, or Farsi, Arabic, French, Germany, Spanish, etc.
Management software is used for system parameter configuration and software paging; we have Chinese, English, Arabic, several versions for choice.

This system has following functions:
• Easy operation for software paging and telephone automatic paging.
• Can be seamless jointed with other software or hardware system (COM joint output), can send information from other system to indicated pager.
• Single paging, team paging, telephone paging, automatic message leaving functions, satisfy most of user’s actual requests.
• Support multi-system, multi-language pagers, including Chinese, Numbers, English and other more than 20 languages.
• The system can be working steady without computer when user telephone automatic paging method.
• Management software has Chinese, English, Arabic several versions to fulfill users’ request from different Countries.
• Paging master machine and wireless transmitter connected with two core telephone lines( can use intrinsic lines), convenient for constructions.
• High capacity, support 9999 user pagers used in same time, and convenient for dilatation.
• Support multi-telephone join up, currently default is 4 telephone lines.
• POCSAG output or RS232 type ASCII code output for choice.
• Support FSK coming paging display function, don’t need to input calling party code.
• Low investment, high add value, one time investment, no city call fee, no service fee, system dilatation need inexpensive cost.
• Working frequency: 130-174MHZ or customized.