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Oxygen Generator

Medical Oxygen Generator System (PSA)

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Process Flow Diagram:

Oxygen Concentration ≥90% V/V Water Vapor Content ≤0.07g/m3
Solid Capacity ≤0.5mg/m3 Oil Content ≤0.1mg/m3
CO2 Capacity ≤0.01% V/V Output Pressure 0.18MPa~0.4MPa
CO Capacity ≤5 ml/m3 Running Noise ≤85dB
Water Content ≤0.07g/m3 Power Requirement AC 380V/50Hz
Oxygen should be no smell.
Gaseous acid and alkali content should comply with the regulation 5.2.5 of YY/T0298.
Ozone and other gaseous oxides content should comply with regulation 5.2.6 of YY/T0298.
The maximum limit of particulate pollutants.
Particle Size of Pollutants 0.1μm 0.2μm 0.3μm 0.5μm 1μm 5μm
Maximum Limit 100 000 23 700 10 200 3 520 832 29