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Sterilization equipment

STATIM 5000S (extended Xeikon cassette sterilizer box)

● The imported brand LINAK motor, remote control through a variety of actions.
● The bed surface by forming a high density memory foam, no gap.
● It is equipped with hidden type stainless steel basin dirt and other accessories. 
● The super quiet large casters and is equipped with brake device, convenient mobile or fixed bed position.

● The design of super wide and stylish, elegant appearance.
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The whole process of non package sterilization cycle takes only 11 minutes
That is suitable for sterilization, continuous operation, improve work efficiency;
To meet the demand of emergency sterilization, and to solve the problem of control;
Speed up the turnover of equipment, reduce the amount of equipment of a single equipment, reduce investment;
Positive pressure pulse discharged air to achieve saturated steam, sterilization of hollow and porous instruments;
Accurate temperature control, reduce the damage to surgical instruments, extend the service life of equipment, reduce costs;
Dri-Tecc drying technology, complete dry 15 minutes to complete;
Printer and data recorder can be selected;
Comply with EN13060 specification
Scope of application: Department of Stomatology, planting department, operation room, ophthalmology
STATIM S series cassette autoclave, unique design, exquisite appearance, is the whole process of short cycle time = desktop pressure steam sterilizer, fast, reliable, save time, save money.
According to the European EN13060 regulations, only the pressure steam sterilizer which meets the requirements of class S or class B can ensure the air discharge before sterilization, and realize sterilization of hollow and porous objects.
STATIM S series cassette pressure steam sterilizer conforms to the European standard of EN13060 S. Through a patented steam injection method, the positive pressure pulse replacement method is used to thoroughly remove the air from the cassette. Therefore, the conventional B 45-70 cycle cycle time of the STATIM S series is at least 5 times faster than that of the pre stage vacuum pressure steam sterilizer.
Meet the requirements of the control specification
The fourteenth package on dental devices according to the different ways of disinfection and sterilization by the disinfection and indicate the date, valid in packaging.
By the cassette autoclave sterilization device, can not seal the bag, exposed after sterilization stored in spare sterile containers, once opened, the validity period shall not exceed 4 hours.